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Shinhwa’s Hyesung releases teaser for solo album ‘Serenity’

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Shinhwa’s Hyesung released the teaser image for his upcoming solo album, Serenity.

In the teaser image, he faces the sky with his eyes closed and a hue of red and blue  decorating the image.

Stay tuned for more!


UPDATE: The latest concept teaser for Serenity features Hyesung with his face turned slightly away from the camera.  The photo, unlike his first teaser, is in black and white.


UPDATE: The latest teaser for Hyesung’s upcoming solo album, Serenity is striking.  With a large bouquet of wildflowers and a checkered suit jacket, he looks like a blast from a very handsome past!

Check it out below!


UPDATE: Shinhwa’s Shin Hyesung looks serene in his video teaser for “Still There”.


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