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Show Champion was hot hot hot on 03/25/2017!

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If you missed the live version of Show Champion on March 26, 2017, don’t worry, the video is available!  This is one intense video, with over an hour of amazing music from Highlight, CNBLUE, Monsta X, Got7, PRISTIN, G-Friend, BTOB, Lovelyz, Brave Girls, Romeo, MelodyDay, MVP, Gugudan, Rare Potato, VICTON, and BIGFLO!

Comeback Stage

Monsta X is back with two new hits, “Ready or Not” and “Beautiful“.  “Beautiful” is their title song, but “Ready or Not” is a hot track people are definitely loving!

CNBLUE is back with the amazing “Between Us” and “When I was Young”.  “Between Us” is their title song and is a healthy mix of rock and pop in one nicely sung package.

Got7 is back again with “Q” and “Never Ever”.  “Never Ever” has already hit 15 million views on YouTube!

Hot Debut Stage

Highlight, the former Beast, is here with their peppy song “Plz Don’t Be Sad“.  The cheerful song and the guys have such a great stage presence! It’ll be a shame if you miss it!

Goodbye Stage

Don’t miss out on BTOB’s flashback through all sorts of films with “Movie” as well as MelodyDay’s beautiful “Kiss on the Lips”.

Hot Stage

Ladies are rocking the Hot Stage this week.  G-Friend is still going strong with “Fingertip“, while Lovelyz perform “Wow” and Gugudan performs “A Girl Like Me”.  All three groups looked amazing and sounded even better!

Sound-Holic Stage

Brave Girls take to the Sound-Holic stage with their sexy hit “Rollin”.  VICTON follows up with their newest song “Eyez Eyez” and wows the fans with their new style.  Romeo’s “Without U” brought a huge wave of energy to the set!  The Sound-Holic Stage continues with BIGFLO’s “Stardom“, which is definitely an in-your-face kinda track.

New-Song Stage

PRISTIN’s going strong with their debut track “Wee Woo” and proving that these girls got it all!  MVP is giving it their all with their debut song “Take It” and Rare Potato serenaded the audience with “Starlit Night”.


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