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Show[K]ase giving smaller groups a chance to perform outside of Korea

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There are a ton of groups that debut each year, and standing out can be quite difficult for them.  Many of the newer groups struggle to get a couple thousand followers on social media and just as many views on their videos, not to mention the lack of possibilities for them to do overseas concerts.  Often times, groups end up disbanding or just falling into the cracks, regardless of whether or not they’re talented.

A new tour company launched their Facebook on March 1, 2017 and are here to bring those groups overseas.

“SHOW[K]ASE is a series of live events where US fans can meet the K-Pop artists, from rookies to top notch stars. Unlike an ordinary concert, SHOW[K]ASE will take place in smaller venues, providing a more close-knit environment for artists and fans alike. This rare opportunity will allow fans to interact more personally with artists and really get to know them better.
We know you waited for this day to come. Don’t just dream about it anymore. Come to SHOW[K]ASE and make your dream come true!”

This company is dedicated to giving these groups a chance to meet fans overseas and make even more! They’re operated by Studio PAV M&C and will be working to bring groups to cities near you.

The first group that’s getting a chance to come to the states is M.Fect!  The group debuted back on April of 2015 under Midas Entertainment and has released a few singles; “Impact”, “Just You”, and “Reason”.  The group consists of 5 members, M.Gun, Low, Boho, Jeil, and Zamong.  Their 4th single album will release in May, 2017 prior to their showcase tour in June, 2017.

The group will be performing in the following locations;

NYC – June, 9, 2017
Arlington, VA – June 10, 2017
Atlanta, GA – June 11, 2017
Miami, FL – June 13, 2017
Dallas, TX – June 15, 2017
Chicago, IL – June 16, 2017

Tickets are relatively cheap overall, with the VIP packages running around $70.

Tickets can be purchased here!

Note – this is not a sponsored article

UPDATE: Check out their “Just You” dance practice below!

UPDATE: Unfortunately, the MFECT and VX tour has been cancelled.  The company released a statement confirming cancellation earlier today.  Check it out below.

“We will have a painful announcement on VX/MFECT ShowKase Tour. The all shows have been turned out to be cancelled due to the lack of the fans attending the shows. Since postponed from the original schedule in June, we have striven all our efforts to make the first ShowKase happen even by adding VX as an additional line up but now we must admit to have failed to get a minimum number of the supporters for all shows of the tour.
The announcement will include the info on the refund of all tickets including a benefit for the fans purchased tickets. This announcement will be made as soon as all the arrangements ready. We are posting this before the official announcement as many fans wonder the status of the tour.
We apologize for any inconveniences caused. Please note that all tickets and the merch purchased will be fully refunded.”


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  1. NEPTUNE April 25, 2017

    Thats so sweet of them.. i hope the underrated or newer groups get more fame that they deserves and i bet fans will have fun going to this event… i also hope this event to be sucessful..

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