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Shownu goes screamo in ASMR version of “Beautiful”

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Monsta X recently performed their latest title track, “Beautiful” in an ASMR style, with whisper singing and no musical accompaniment.  While I’ve never seen the appeal of ASMR with songs, I did enjoy this video immensely, and it wasn’t so much for the singing as it was for the little things that just made it absolutely hilarious.

Jooheon, I.M, and Kihyun rocked the singing/rapping whisper concept and sounded pretty darn good doing it!  Minhyuk and Wonho went down a substep route and are well on their way to making it as a dubstep acappella duo, while Hyungwon struggled to get close enough to have his lines heard!  Shownu, oh dear.  Shownu should try out for a metal band because the boy has the screaming concept down.


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