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Singer Kim Han II, Or Jack Kim, Passes Away

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Singer Kim Han II, also known as Jack Kim, was a Korean singer who was actively promoting in China.

ON February 6, 2018, the singer passed away on Jeju Island due to illness.  No details have been released about what the illness was.

His label released a statement about his passing through his Weibo account stating “We feel sorrowful and pitiful to be delivering such sudden, unfortunate news”.  they continued to say he was a full and lively person who passionately loved music.  They asked fans and news sites to refrain from releasing unofficial reports or spreading rumors.

His wife of one year posted a beautiful message of “I Will wait for you to come back and embrace me” on Weibo.

OSKP offers the sincerest condolences to Kim Han II’s family, friends, and agency.

Kim Han II Passing



  1. Jean R. February 10, 2018

    Rest in peace.. I hope that those who’s left behind can stay strong.

  2. spiritedyoo February 10, 2018

    rest in peace

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