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SISTAR leaves fans with an amazing gift with “Lonely”

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This is it, ladies and gentlemen.  SISTAR’s final track as a group has been released.  “Lonely” is one of those tracks that’s completely bittersweet.  The track itself is stunning, and a mix of the energy the girls are known for combined with a sense of finality.

The video goes back and forth between individual scenes of the girls and group scenes, before ending with a lovely beach photo group scene.  In each of the individual scenes, the girls look, well, lonely.  In the group scenes, they look more complete, like they’re having fun and just taking that final journey as a group.

“Lonely” features the beautiful range of their voices, with so much emotion!  They gave it their all in this final track, and you can really feel that.  The chorus doesn’t have the same pep as their normal tracks, but their voices meld together and the chorus is just catchy!

Check out the final music video from SISTAR below.

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