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Snuper are loveable dorks in their comeback trailer for ‘The Star of Stars’

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Snuoer just finished releasing a stunning set of individual and group animated posters that had all of the Snuper stans drooling.  Without giving those fans a chance to recover, the group has released a comeback trailer that is equal parts incredible and dorky!

The stunning trailer give a bit of a feel for the style of their comeback and shows more of the beach scenes we saw previously in the posters.

Check out the comeback trailer below!

Stay tuned for the release on July 20, 2017 at 6:00 pm KST!

UPDATE: Snuper has revealed their music video teaser for “The Star of Stars”.

The clip features the boys in a clean white and red assortment of outfits as they dance amongst green land and beautiful windmills.


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