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Snuper poses in pairs for lyric teaser images for I Wanna?

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Snuper just released a new set of teaser images there the group split off into pairs for their upcoming 4th mini album, I Wanna?.  Based on the images, the title track will be called “Back:Hug”, which is rather appropriate given the posing done in the photographs.


“Even though you don’t have to say anything with your lips, I can hear your heart”

“Something that surpasses the ordinary eye contact or kiss”

“Lend me your ear, I want you to hear, my melody.” 


snuper-i-wanna-lyric-teasers-스누퍼-귓속말-이미지-2 snuper-i-wanna-lyric-teasers-스누퍼-귓속말-이미지-3

The album will be released on April 24, 2017, so get ready!


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