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Kpop Shows Snuper

Snuper releases I Wanna? behind the scenes and showcase behind the scenes

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Snuper released two sets of behind the scenes back to back!  First, we were given the I Wanna? behind the scenes footage for their showcase.  This video features the fans wandering into the hall, the boys talking about various things, and just all around fun!  They perform multiple songs live for their fans, and it’s great how many fanchants you can hear in the background!

Then we were wow’d with their serious expressions in their Jacket Behind the Scenes for I Wanna?.  The boys posed like professionals, making just the right expression at the right time!  Outside of the photos, they were all smiles and playful gestures.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out their title song, “Back:Hug” from their album, I Wanna?.


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