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SNUPER Releases Special Concept Videos For Each Member In Preparation For Their Comeback With ‘You In My Eyes’

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Update October 8, 2018:

SNUPER has us all prepared for their comeback with their concept video and special edition individual concept videos of the members.Β  Check them out below.

Update October 4, 2018:

SNUPER released another set of stunning new teasers showing off their visuals and style.Β  Check out the teasers below.

snupersnupersnupersnuperUpdate October 1, 2018:

SNUPER released adorable new photos for their upcoming return.

snuper-snuper-snuper-Original Article:

SNUPER fans, you better fasten your seatbelts and get ready, your boys are making a comeback!

The group originally dropped a teaser image featuring adorable polaroids of the six members, hinting at a sweet style for the group’s upcoming return.Β  The teaser was just the first of many for their upcoming return with the special edition albumΒ You in My Eyes.

The upcoming album is set to release on October 8, 2018, and according to their scheduler, there are quite a few treats in store for fans leading up until the comeback.

Check out the initial teaser and scheduler below and stay tuned for SNUPER’s return withΒ You in My Eyes on October 8, 2018.


Snuper You In my Eyes Teasers


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