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Fan Chant Kpop Snuper

Snuper’s fanchant for “Back:Hug” was just released

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Snuper just made their comeback with their 4th mini album, I Wanna? and title track “Back:Hug“.  The sweet sounding title track has a catchy beat and sweet lyrics, and now we have a fan chant!

Despite the fact that we can’t see the boys in this video, we can see the lyrics with the parts the chant should be inserted into.  In a lot of the sections where they want you to chant the names they include a small little head with the member’s head!

Their chants are definitely enthusiastic and you can just imagine them recording it and screaming at the microphone!

If you haven’t seen “Back:Hug” already, be sure to check it out here.   The song is wonderful and the video is even more so!


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