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SONAMOO drop their first three concept photos for their Happy Box 2 Project

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SONAMOO released “Friday Night” in mid-August as part of their Happy Box project.  The sexy track was perfect for showing off the first moves and skills.  Now, they’re back with their first three stunning teaser photos for the second phase of their Happy Box project.

The first three member’s to have their teaser images revealed are Nahyun, Euijin, and HighD.  The concept photos are beautifully overlaid with lightly drawn flowers while the girls themselves are absolutely stunning.

Check out the teasers for SONAMOO’s Happy Box part 2 project below!

SONAMOO Nahyun Euijin HighD 2017 SONAMOO Nahyun Euijin HighD 2017 SONAMOO Nahyun Euijin HighD 2017

UPDATE: Along with their teaser images, the group also revealed short teaser clips featuring them looking into the camera with wistful expressions.

SONAMOO Nahyun Euijin HighD 2017


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