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Soyou (소유) Releases Dreamy First Solo Album, Part 1 RE:BORN

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After months of speculation and anticipation Soyou (소유), from recently disbanded girl group SISTAR, finally released her first solo-album, Part 1 RE:BORN.

In a way, Soyou (소유) is being reborn, as a new soloist with Starship Entertainment and hogging the limelight for herself, instead of other girl members getting in her way. Her breathy, airy voice is magnified throughout the album, and is highlighted with orchestra instruments and endless acoustic guitars and pianos playing in the background. Her unique voice blends well with the breezy instrumentals and creates an album that is perfect for a rainy day or while lying on the beach.

Instead of showing her usual sexy side, as seen throughout her career as a SISTAR member, Soyou (소유) bares her heart out and shows a more natural side to herself, especially in the music video for her title song, “The Night (기우는 밤).”

In the music video, she pines for a guy she loves and how she is afraid he will disappear, but in the end, he stays with her and she is comforted by his presence. It’s a sweet song filled with sweet visuals of Soyou (소유) preparing for her dates with the mystery man, going to the movies with him, making his bed, and snuggling by his side. With her bright smile and clothing, it’s clear Soyou (소유) has found her happy spot as a solo artist and enjoys the music and mood she is creating through her songs. Make sure to watch “The Night (기우는 밤)” below!

As this is Soyou’s (소유)first album, it’s no surprise she wouldn’t take much risks with it and it shows with many of the songs matching in harmony, tone, and beat, but regardless it’s a charming first album for an extremely talented artist. Soyou (소유) is sure to deliver continuous good work as time passes on, but Part 1 RE:BORN is definitely a great place to start!

What did you think of Soyou’s (소유) first solo album? Let us know in the comments below!

Soyou The Night Music Video


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  1. Vanessa December 14, 2017

    Yay go girl! <3

  2. dejavu December 14, 2017

    Omg soyou’s back!

  3. Antonia December 15, 2017

    The queen always delivers! This is such a beautiful song, I love it! I wish her all the best, STAR1 will always support her and the other girls as well! <3

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