Special Post: CNBLUE’s Yonghwa appreciation post


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As part of One Stop K-Pop’s first major Twitter poll contest, we looked for all of our followers, and those that aren’t following, to chime in on who the best K-Pop rapper might be.

The contest is formatted to where Monday through Thursday, for four weeks, people vote on who they think is the best rapper from a random pool of K-Pop idols.  On Fridays, the winners from that week are pooled together and the winner from that day will go head to head against the other four semi-finalist winners in the final round.

As a special treat, which was unannounced prior to the competition starting, each of the semi-finalists will get a special appreciation post!

We asked. You Voted.

Week 2’s semi-finalist winner is, surprisingly, CNBLUE’s Yonghwa!

Fans were most certainly surprised at the results since he’s not exactly known for rapping, but he was listed based on fan nomination and fans voted!

Who is this ‘rapper’ that you all thought deserved the win?

Name: Jung Yonghwa

Stage Name: Yonghwa

Position: Leader, Main Vocalist, Rapper, and Guitarist

Birthday: June 22, 1989

Yonghwa has been interested in music for quite some time and started musical composition when he was only a highschooler.  His love of music led to him joining FNC Entertainment and eventually led to him becoming the leader of his group.  The entire group debuted in Japan in 2009 and performed on the street there before actually making their debut in Korea in 2010 with Bluetory, featuring “I’m a Loner”.

Not only has he done various things with his group, but he’s a well establishes solo artist!  His first solo album, One Fine Day reached rank 1 on the Billboard’s World Album Chart.

Not only is this man a wonderful artist, but he delves into acting as well.  He has been in various shows, such as Marry Him If You DareYou’re Beautiful (his first role), and The Package.

Watch some of the adorable clips of him below!


  1. I am not surprised. Jung Yong Hwa raps since start of his debut as an actor (even before the band debut in South Korea ; it’s just we are not lucky to enjoy often as he doesn’t do it as frequently.

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