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Special Post: Monsta X’s I.M rapper appreciation

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As part of One Stop K-Pop’s first major Twitter poll contest, we looked for all of our followers, and those that aren’t following, to chime in on who the best K-Pop rapper might be.

The contest is formatted to where Monday through Thursday, for four weeks, people vote on who they think is the best rapper from a random pool of K-Pop idols.  On Fridays, the winners from that week are pooled together and the winner from that day will go head to head against the other four semi-finalist winners in the final round.

As a special treat, which was unannounced prior to the competition starting, each of the semi-finalists will get a special appreciation post!

We asked. You Voted.

Week 1’s semi-finalist winner is none other than Monsta X’s I.M.

Who is this crazy rapper that you all thought deserved the win?

Name: Im Changkyun

Stage Name: I.M

Position: Lead Rapper

Birthday: January 26, 1996

I.M, more commonly referred to as Changkyun, is the maknae of the popular boy group, Monsta X.  This strange little creature provides endless amount of joy for fans with all the random things he does.

He was added into the group through the show, ‘No Mercy’, but it was a bit different than the other members.  He was added into the show on Mission 4, while the other competitors had been there since Mission 1.  His addition lead to a lot of tension between him and the rest of the trainees, and there were various times even after the group made their debut that fans felt he was a bit left out.

That’s not the case anymore!

Now, he’s an integral part of the team, combining his rapping skills with Jooheon to give the group a unique sound.

This little bundle of cheer is their resident English speaker and is currently an MC for K-Rush.  He lived for 3 years in Boston, MA and 4 years in Israel.  According to a concert held recently for the group’s ‘Beautiful’ world tour, his brother actually attends Georgia Tech in Atlanta, Georgia.

I.M may get along best with Jooheon in the group, but he spends a lot of time tormenting, and being tormented by, the other members.  More often than not, you’ll see Wonho bugging him in the background of videos!

I.M has released a mixtape since his debut with Monsta X.  His track, featuring YESEO is an absolute killer.  He has a unique style that isn’t often seen with other K-Pop artists. Fans have listened in and wager that his rapping style, with his deep voice, combines the Korean style of rapping with a more western style of rapping, which gives him a unique sound and flow that helps him stand out from other rappers.

If you want to hear his lovely rapping voice, some fans have gone out of their way to compile videos of just his raps!

Check out out lovely photo gallery below!

As part of our appreciation post, we’ve gathered some lovely video compilations for your viewing pleasure. From savage moments to facts, we’ve got a bit of everything here.

Monsta X Im Rapper 2017


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