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SPEED showed off their acrobatic moves in their dance practice for “Don’t Tease Me”

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SPEED was originally a subunit formed from Coed School by MBK Entertainment in 2012.  In 2013, they made their debut as an independent group.  Over the next couple years, the group went through quiet a few line-up changes before their eventual disbandment in 2015.

We covered their last release “What U” earlier this month and can’t get enough of this disbanded group.

“Don’t Tease Me” is a song we’ve heard on various clips, but never saw associated to a group.  Finding the dance practice for this made us both extremely happy and sad!

The boys showed off their acrobatics in this, with the ‘flying squirrel’ and various flips!  The song is energetic, playful, and one of those tracks that you’ll find yourself addicted to quickly.

It’s a shame the group disbanded, but thankfully we still have incredible videos like this to remember them by!

SPEED “Don’t Tease Me”

As one of the recommended videos, someone compiled the segments of BTS dancing along to this track!

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