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BTS Spring Day Music Video Review by One Stop K-Pop

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“Spring Day” is the promotional track of the recently released album Wings: You Never Walk Alone by BTS.


The video starts out with V stepping off of a train platform and onto the tracks.  He kneels down and places his head on the track itself.  It’s hard to say whether he’s listening for the train or if he’s waiting for it to come while he’s there… His neutral look doesn’t give anything away either.  The camera then pans to a view from a train as it travels through the snow covered woods.  From there, you start to see various members on the train, near the ocean, or just standing around.

Rap Monster starts sing-rapping.

Let’s just pause that there really quick.  It may not fit into the story section, but Rap Monster. Singing.

Moving right along.

The camera follows Rap Monster as he makes his way through his train car, outside, then eventually to what seems to be a party of some sort.  There’s things being thrown everywhere, all at Rap Monster who’s wearing a lovely silver crown.

The scenes start jumping around a bit after this to the various places to show the individual members and some of their interactions with each other.  Despite the ‘party’, they all look really unhappy.  There’s some scenes with them smiling, but most of the video has them with neutral or sad expressions.

The video starts to get a bit strange with the mountain of clothing where we first see Suga rap, then the entire group, sitting later on.  I’m not quite sure what that symbolizes or represents in this story, but there is a lot of clothing and material strewn about throughout each of the sets.

Things start changing through the video and Jungkook ends up running through all the scenes with an almost frantic look as he tries to find everyone.  They reunite and run down an alleyway, only to have a train pass them.

The video ends with them all gathered near a long dead tree in the middle of a snow covered field, with shoes handing from the trees branches.

Costumes and Set

Hands down, my favorite scene is the one on top of the train.  The green color on the shirt looks absolutely stunning with the blue, pink, and gold background as the sun sets.  Not only that, but the neutral black/grey of the train car really helps emphasize the pop of color.

Each of the sets had a lot of character.  The train car had a large amount of clothing hung up all over, with suitcases hanging in the bars above.  It was less colorful than some of the other settings, but since they were usually melancholy looking there, it made a lot of sense.  The beach and the filter used for that gave that setting an old-school feel.  The room with the party was very bland overall, but not in a bad way, in a way that it really emphasized the guys (not to mention the fact that they were throwing Boom Chicka Pop all around).

The stairwell was an amazing shot that managed to show a small glimpse of all of the guys on different levels.  I think my second favorite was the carnival ride.  The rust and run-down state of the ride gave it a ton of character.  It was a beautiful background that helped to emphasize the person in front of it, even when the lights were turned on at night.

The only thing I was a bit weirded out by was the mountain of clothing.  It wasn’t so much that the fact it was there was weird, although it was, it was me playing “Where’s Waldo” trying to find them all in it!


Beautiful.  Just beautiful.

This isn’t normally my type of song, but I couldn’t help but love every second of it.  It had a steady beat and the background music was beautiful.  The biggest thing was the mix of the vocals.  They were strong and powerful, but at the same time emotional.  There was so much going on with each of the vocal sections it was hard not to close your eyes and sway.

With how soft the song felt, I was a bit afraid that the rap portions would stand out as out of place, but they fit in with the mood of the song well with a full sense of raspy emotion behind each verse.

Once again – Rap Monster SINGING!  He’s an amazing rapper, but hot damn, that was a nice surprise.

BTS Spring Day Music Video Review


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