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Stellar’s Hyoeun continues their teasers for upcoming comeback

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Stellar’s first teaser image for their comeback on June 27, 2017 has been released featuring the beautiful Gayoung looking breathtaking in white.  The caption released with the image was “Stellar in the world”, which could be the title track or album title.

The group will be making their comeback on June 27, 2017 with an additional member.  Stay tuned for more teasers!

UPDATE: Stellar’s Jeonyul looks stunning in her teaser photo for the groups upcoming comeback.


UPDATE: Hyoyeun looks absolutely stunning in her bluish dress.


UPDATE: Another stunning teaser from Stellar!


UPDATE: The group has released the stunning teaser photo for their new member, Soyoung!


UPDATE: Stellar changed their profile image to a new logo with the text “The Tree of Sephiroth – Stellar”.  It looks like they’re going for a light and dark theme with their teaser image featuring the two sides of the girls!

stellar-light-and-dark-tree-of-sephiroth-teaser stellar-tree-of-sephiroth-teaser

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