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Stray Kids Sets A New Record For Most Views On A Debut Music Video Within 24 Hours

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Stray Kids truly did make an explosive debut.

Stray Kids is JYP Entertainments latest boy group and released their debut album I am NOT on March 26, 2018 featuring the title track “District 9“.  As of the 24 hour mark, the boys had amassed around 4.2 million views on YouTube, beating Wanna One’s record with just over 4 million with “Energetic”.

Congratulations to Stray Kids for their new record!  Debut and breaking records in 24 hours?  There’s definitely a strong future in store for them!

Stray Kids 24 hours


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  1. kellosfrosted March 31, 2018

    excited to see them grow! 🙂

  2. Wow, congrats to them! The song is really good!

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