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Stray Kids Show Their Softer Side in Their “Grow Up(잘 하고 있어)” Music Video

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Stray Kids give fans a completely different feel in their music video for “Grow Up(잘 하고 있어)” after dropping their debut music video for “District 9” on March 26th.

This 9-member boy group delivers a slower number that fans of all ages can relate to. The video gives a strong feeling of youth, but there’s a tinge of sadness intertwined in the visuals. Some members are seen alone, sitting by themselves on the bleachers or running solo on the track. Other members later join those seen alone before; one runs alongside the other on the track as support, while another writes the name of the song “잘 하고 있어” on his friend’s hand. This sense of camaraderie and support replaced that sadness with a little hope and brought some mist to this writer’s eyes. The entire group then loads themselves into a school bus, giving a shout out to their debut music video as it passes a street sign labeled “District 9.”

The feel and the visuals help to portray what the members are trying to say in their lyrics: growing up is difficult, but no matter how difficult it may get, don’t give up. This message is something many fans need to hear, and Stray Kids do a fantastic job of portraying it in such an inspiring way.

We here at OSKP wish the utmost success for Stray Kids in their debut. Check out the music video below!

stray kids grow up mv


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  1. Homin (@gvdx1396) April 2, 2018

    Stray Kids Rise!

  2. Mardhiah Omar April 2, 2018

    My most anticipated debut of 2018 and I already love them to the fullest <3

  3. Josy (@JosyBe1) April 16, 2018


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