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Stray Kids Drop Intense Performance Music Video For “Mirror”

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Stray Kids released their music video for “Mirror”!

From the black and white showdown dance to the stunning individual shots, there’s so much to love about the video. The music video is set at the base of a large set of stares, and with a bright light in the background and eventual rainfall, the group moves through their dance for “Mirror” smoothly.   The track shifts from a sweet sound during the hook to a more aggressive sound when the rappers jump in.

Watch Stray Kid’s new performance video for “Mirror” below.

Stray Kids Mirror MV


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  1. Shaira C April 22, 2018

    they were so good im emo ??

  2. Mardhiah Omar April 23, 2018

    I knew it!!!! I’ve said it before that they will totally slay their Mirror performance!! After Seventeen, I have to say that Stray Kids has the best concept in terms of performance!!! Their choreography is in point, they have the visuals and great voice too.. They’re a bunch of talented kids I’m soft for them already TT.TT uwu uwu I’m in my loving phase towards Stray Kids now <3

  3. arindakedesu April 23, 2018


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