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Sunmi (선미) Drops Newest Music Video “Heroine (주인공)”

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On January 18th Sunmi released her newest single “Heroine (주인공)”.

On every level, Sunmi has been absolutely slaying it lately, and this comeback is no different! In her newest music video we watch a dramatic and eye-catching performance as she describes a love in which she encourages her partner to “just be yourself, even if it hurts me.” as well as saying that “even if it has a sad ending, the show must go on.”

The music in this music video is incredible. It begins in softly sung words and quickly becomes more passionate as the song continues. While the subject matter may seem a little on the sad side, the song itself is extremely pleasing to the ear and is something I know I will be humming for weeks to come. Sunmi has an incredible voice and showcases that through this music video.

As for the visual performance of the music video, it too has upheld the high standards fans have come to hold for Sunmi’s work. The first thing we see is Sunmi herself exiting a vehicle in the mouth of a parking garage. As she exits the vehicle she nears a broken down billboard, then as the music begins she begins to dance. In a matter of moments, a dance partner appears. As the two dance, the music begins to increase in pace. As the music changes throughout the song so do the backgrounds in which we see Sunmi. Each background is vibrant and provides a drastic visual change from the next. The choreography performed by both Sunmi as well as her dancers are absolutely perfect for the song and are both fun and alluring all at the same time.

As the song draws to its end we watch as Sunmi dramatically dance, tumble, and leap through pouring rain back in the first set we saw. This time the billboard is not broken and instead shows an image of the singer along with the words:

“The Show Must Go On”.

In the final moments of the music video Sunmi stalks dramatically towards the camera through the rain, and the billboard falls.

We’re absolutely living for this music video, are you? If you haven’t checked it out yet you can watch it below! Don’t forget to leave your thoughts as well!

Sunmi Heroine


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  1. kris ♡ (@3rachatapes) January 20, 2018


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  3. Katielilac January 20, 2018

    Queen slay

  4. hwijin_21 January 21, 2018

    Show must go on! ???

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