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Sunmi Returns With A Gorgeous New Music Video For “Siren”

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Update September 8, 2018:

Sunmi and her team have a wonderful time during a tipsy live version of her latest hit track “Siren”.   The lovely team, and including co-composer FRANTS, have some wonderful food and drinks as they sit outside on the porch.  As they eat and drink, the back up dancers shift to back up singers, and the co-composer rocks out on the guitar.  Watch the clip below.

Original Article:

Sunmi is officially back!

On September 4, 2018, she dropped her latest mini album, Warning  featuring the title track “Siren“.  The accompanying music video is stunning too!

“Siren” was originally written by Sunmi and she also co-composed the track.  The song talks about the beauty and dangers – much like the beautiful sirens of mythology who’s stunning voices would lure sailors to their deaths.  Sunmi definitely has the beauty in both aesthetics and vocals for this track!

Watch Sunmi’s latest music video for “Siren” below.

sunmi siren mv


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