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TAEMIN: Thirsty Concert Version Performance Music Video!

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Taemin MV for SM Station

A month has passed since Taemin (태민) released his album “MOVE” and he is still bringing more surprises for fans! The latest has been an OFF-SICK Concert Version Performance video of “Thirsty”. He recently held an encore concert of “OFF-SICK: On Track” in Seoul performing songs from the recent album, just like this one:

Both, the song and the choreography, maintain the same sexy style as the title track “Move”, which we got 3 different versions of. Most of the dance moves are either fast or very fluid, making it easy to watch, yet hard to perform without a lot of practice. Also, this is what makes it so entrancing.

As you can easily notice, the red color is very present on the MV just like on the album. Also black and white. The combination of them create very pleasing visual effect on the video, specially when his clothes change. The fish-eye camera scenes are definitely an interesting element as well.

The song has been edited with a trap beat to be part of “SM Station” season 2. The lyrics talk about being thirsty for love, being thirsty of that one person. Wanting someone to go into your hear and not being able to contain yourself. I believe fans can relate to it as they watch this aesthetic video and performance.

Behind the scenes

We can see a cute side of Taemin and his beautiful profile on this video that contains scenes of the recording of the video!

The maknae of SHINee debuted solo on 2014 and is definitely making a name for himself as a soloist. Don’t you think so? He is showcasing his manly side at his 24 years while he is also mentoring on The Unit (idol rebooting show).

Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts on the video!

taemin thirsty music video


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