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TARGET(타겟) Makes Their Epic Debut with “Awake”

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It is official Target is here!

The seven-member group has officially made their debut with their music video for their track “Awake“! The song is one of five tracks featured on their debut EP “Alive”.

The video begins with the boys sitting in a circle in a room covered in plastic curtains and filled with medical equipment. IVs of some mysterious red liquid labeled “Awake” flow to each member. It all gives the music video set a sort of abandoned hospital vibe, which immediately gains the viewers attention.

The next thing to note is that as the music begins we see the members having some sort of out-of-body experience. (Let’s just assume it’s due to that mysterious red liquid we were talking about earlier). This out-of-body experience leads to a pretty intense introductory rap portion as well as a truly awesome dance breakdown.

The music itself has a heavier feel to it and fits really well with the setting of the video. In addition to the intense rap and dancing, the chorus is extremely catchy and easy to sing along to. The words “I’m still awake,” won’t be leaving your consciousness for a good long while. As the music continues we watch as one of the members wakes up and destroys all of the bags of red fluid. This appears to wake the other members up as we watch them all begin to open their eyes as the song comes to a close.

Overall this music video, though more darkly themed, is very catchy and a pretty great song to debut with! We will be keeping our eyes out for these boys’ future releases! Will you? Let us know what you thought of Target’s debut music video below!

Target Awake Debut


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