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Teen Top barely survives “Love Is” at 2x’s the speed

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Teen Top bravely attempted to do “Love Is“, their latest title track, at 2 times the normal speed.  With brave smiles, that were likely slight grimaces we’re just going to pretend are smiles, the boys embarked on a magical journey of dancing their already quick song even faster.

The bottom line – the song starts with them on the ground and ends with them on the ground, whether the dance called for it or not.  The first few seconds of the song aren’t too painful for them, but as it progresses, you can see the look of absolute regret cross their faces as they trip about and collapse laughing.  Throughout the song, there’s yelling, shoes squeaking, and laughing.

The video ends with the boys practically dead on the floor, some managing to make it to the end of the song before collapsing and some giving up partway through.


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