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Teen Top provides a preview of High Five

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Teen Top has released their preview video for their upcoming album, High Five.  This full length album contains 11 songs, including the title track, “Love Is”.  The other songs include; “Origin”, “Because I Care”, “Call Me”, “I Love Girl”, “Make Me Sick”, “July”, “High Five”, “What’s Problem”, “You & I”, and “Mirror”.

There is quite the mix of different styles incorporated into this album.  There’s the normal R&B style tracks, ballad, hip hop dance tracks, and some that are uniquely Teen Top’s style.

Check out their latest image teasers too!

The group is continuing on as 5 members after the departure of L.Joe, so High Five is a rather appropriate name.  Hopefully they don’t pull any punches and end up giving us their absolute all with the album release on April 10, 2017!


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