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Thaís Vicari brings actors and idols alike alive with watercolor

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Ladies and gentlemen, it’s been quite some time since we’ve had a chance to do an artist feature, and we’re so happy to be able to feature todays artist, Thaís Vicari!


From idols to actors, this artist sees something they want to paint and goes for it with no hesitation! We were lucky enough to have a chance to interview Thaís Vicari as well.


When asked about their inspiration, they stated that they work and study, so they’re constantly busy with the mundane day to day tasks, so “when [they] have free time, [they] prefer to dedicate [themselves] to drawing because it’s when [they] feel the most like [themself]”.  Inspiration seems to hit at any moment, and when they seen an image, they thing “this could be really interesting to draw”, and then we see the beautiful artwork displayed in this post!


They have a lot of favorite actors and groups, but two that stand out most are Lee Min Ho and WINNER.  Despite that, when asked about what they would say to their favorites, they stated that “for everyone who’s trying to achieve their goals, that any effort it’s worth, all your work will make the world better”.


While the artist used to draw with primarily pencils, they recently got a watercolor set from their father and it’s been their favorite ever since, and looking at their artwork, you can see why!


Check out their Instagram account!



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