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Thaís Vicari Brings K-Pop Idols To Life On Paper With Wonderful Fan Art

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In July of 2017, OSKP featured a wonderful artists named Thaís Vicari.  Their watercolor art was inspirational for many other artists out there and their final shots were stunning.

OSKP is back a new feature article for this artist exploring their latest art medium.

Taking a color photo and making it monochromatic can be a difficult task.  You lose the colors that make certain features pop and relying on one shade means you have to be heavily aware of how you’re using pressure to imitate the colors.

Thaís Vicari branched out into that medium and has flourished!  This 20 year old girl from Brazil decided to explore something new when 2018 rolled around.  With her constant strive to improve and develop new talent, it was only a matter of time before she jumped straight into something new!

Below we’ve featured some of the highlights from this past month.  Let that sink it, just one month and already there are numerous wonderful pieces to fall in love with.

One beautiful thing this artist does is incorporate a little of herself in each piece. For instance, the images below are featured in orange, which is actually her favorite color.  To her, the color represents fascination, happiness, and luck, which she values heavily.  In particular, she chose Jae from DAY6 to do in orange.  As a MyDay, she explained that he is her ‘sunshine’ and the color suited him for that.

Kpop Fan Art

In the Woozy image, it carries on that theme, but she explained that his encouragement through his actions is a large part of her inspiration for continuing her work.

Kpop Fan Art

In Kino’s image, the purple color represents PENTAGON’s violet.  The coolness of the blue and warmth of the red suited the idol, especially when mixed together for purple.

Kpop Fan Art

The images above are just three of the incredible items they provided as examples of their work.  Below are a plethora of beautiful art pieces that have such a high level of detail and unique style, it’s easy to fall in love.

Take a look at the photos below and be sure to check out their Instagram account!

Kpop Fan Art Kpop Fan Art Kpop Fan Art Kpop Fan Art Kpop Fan Art Kpop Fan Art Kpop Fan Art

Kpop Fan Art


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