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The boys of Monsta X are rather comfortable in skirts and dresses…

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Monsta X filmed a hilarious drama in their latest episodes of Monsta X-RAY 2.  Kihyun, Minhyuk, Hyungwon, and I.M somehow got the pleasure of dressing up as lovely ladies while Shownu, Wonho, and Jooheon were able to dress like normal.

The group released behind the scenes photos you won’t wanna miss!

Check them out below!

monsta-x-cross-dres shownu-kihyun showki kihyun-pretty monsta-x-swag jooheon-square-circle monsta-x-ray-jooheon-skirt-girl-drama monsta-x-ray-hyungwon-skirt-girl-drama-showki-wonho monsta-x-ray-hyungwon-doctor-girl-drama monsta-x-ray-hyungwon-skirt-girl-drama-showki monsta-x-ray-hyungwon-skirt-girl-drama-sassy monsta-x-ray-hyungwon-skirt-girl-drama monsta-x-ray-kihyun-girl-dramaim monsta-x-ray-im-mama-girl-drama monsta-x-ray-kihyun-girl-drama-showki monsta-x-ray-kihyun-girl-skirt monsta-x-ray-kihyun-girl-drama monsta-x-ray-group-drama monsta-x-ray-wonhoooo-drama monsta-x-ray-wonho-drama monsta-x-ray-jooheon-glasses-drama monsta-x-ray-jooheon-drama monsta-x-ray-minhyuk-shownu-drama monsta-x-ray-minhyuk-drama1 monsta-x-ray-minhyuk-drama monsta-x-ray-shownu-drama2 monsta-x-ray-shownu-drama

Monsta X Drama Photos


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