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THE BOYZ (더보이즈) Show Their Boyish Charms In “KeePer(지킬게)” Music Video


THE BOYZ continue to steal hearts with their special single “KeePer” released on July 12th!

This 12-member group gave us a light, easy flowing song full of youthful shenanigans.

The video is adorable, with the boys showing off their incredible enthusiasm and charm. The schoolboy love talked about in the lyrics is portrayed so well, with one member drawing a young girl’s portrait coupled with the multiple classroom and tennis court settings.

We see a glimpse of some heartache or longing when the portrait is ripped up. It’s later taped back together by a separate member, and given back in an adorable, “don’t give up” kind of way.

The dance is just as boyish and charming as the video. The group incorporated an airplane into the choreography at multiple points, complete with twirling bandanas for the propellers! Airplanes made themselves known throughout the entire video, driving home the lyrics the boys sang of wanting to circle around the one they like and protect them from any and all harm. One member even heroically saves a model airplane before it crashed to the floor, and is met by cheers from the rest of the group.

The song itself is incredibly nice to listen to. The groups vocals are very strong and they hit high notes with ease. The raps are kept to a more mellow level, adding to the lightweight melody. All in all it’s a great song for the season.

THE BOYZ have released some amazing singles, and they continue to deliver! Check out the video below and, let us know who your bias is!

(Mine is Q)

The Boyz KeePer MV


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