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Monsta X Lost Album Overview by One Stop K-Pop

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The Clan Part 1 Lost

On March 18, 2016 Monsta X released their extended play through Starship Entertainment.  This 6 track mini-album peaked at 3 on the Korean charts and 5 on the Billboard, which is a huge accomplishment.

The Clan Part 1 Lost

 The album begins with “Ex Girl” featuring Whee In of MAMAOO.  Her voice mixing with the groups is a great addition and a strong way to start off the album, especially when mixed with the emotional sounding raps.  The beginning of the song sounds like a crackly old recording adding a unique touch.

To be honest, the second track, “All In” just has to be paired with the music video.  I listened to it prior to seeing the video and as soon as I saw it, I couldn’t go back.  It’s so vague, but really well done.  The song features a heavy underlying rhythm and a great use of vocals and higher tones while keeping a strong emphasis on the rap.  “Stuck”, the third song on the track list, is a bit overpowering.  The vocals are lost behind the music and beat, but the raps between Jooheon and I.M are extremely well done.

 The Clan Part 1 Lost

 Monsta X brings in the coffeshop vibe with “Sweetheart”, featuring a lovely pairing of drums and piano.  “Unfair Love” feels like a rock meets hip-hop mash-up and is extremely catchy.  Between this and the songs before, you can really see the fluidity the group shows when transitioning between different styles.  The album ends off with “Because of You”, with stunning vocals and a refreshing ballad/R&B feel.

Track List:

01. Ex Girl
02. All In
03. Stuck
04. Unfair Love
05. Sweetheart
06. Because of You

Monsta X Lost Album Overview


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