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The Final 99 Match will be called “The Unit: Idol Rebooting Project”

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The Final 99 Match has been relabeled as The Unit.  BIGSTAR was the first group to confirm their participation in the program, and upon their applications opening on August 2, 2017, over 350 applicants sent in their details!

The staff was surprised since there were retired idols, currently promoting idols, and even idols who were former show stars!

As long as they released an album or debuted somewhere, they can apply to the program!

Check out the teaser below.

UPDATE: It looks like the original 14 month contract period might be reduced to just 7 months.  The most recent statement claims that both the debut teams will only have 7 months as a group under that contract.

UPDATE: It’s been reported that former T-ARA member, Ahreum, will be joining The Unit!

UPDATE: It looks like Dal Shabet’s Subin will also be joining the party.  As of now, it looks like Ahreum, BIGSTAR, members of Boys Republic, and Shabet will make up some of the first few members.

UPDATE: LABOUM might be joining the line up as well.  The company is currently discussing that possibility.

UPDATE: Hajung and Leeda will be appearing on the show as well.  The two girls are from 1NB a 5 member group who released their pre-debut track “Stalker” earlier this year.  They have yet to debut yet, but the two will be allowed to join because the show does not require the idols to have promoted.  “Debut Experience”, the requirement, includes any release of any sort of video, album, or performance.

UPDATE: IMFACT members are reportedly joining the series as well. It’s unclear whether it’ll be the entire group or some of the members.

UPDATE: Despite just making their comeback, Boyfriend is reportedly joining the line up for the show.  Their participation hasn’t been confirmed, but reports are stating that they are adjusting their schedules to join. (source; here)

Current Contestants

LABOUM (potential)







IMFACT (Potential)





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