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The Immigration quizzes VAV on whether they are KCON ready

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The Immigration is a series that gives groups a chance to prove that they’re ready to go to KCON and they just featured the boy group VAV.

VAV is a 7 member group under A Team – formerly QA Entertainment – that debuted back on October 31, 2015.  They recently gained 3 new members after various departures; Ayno, Lou, and Ziu.


St. Van – the master of drinking water and making viewers bladders cringe in sympathy.

BaRon – smooth dancer and fashionable.

Ace – making all the fans feel inadequate about their normal handstands as he does his fancy, and impressive, handstand.

Jacob – those abs are nothing to joke about.

Ayno – proving that this group has some serious dancing talent, yet at the same time, proving that he has a rather unique way of serenading the ladies

Lou – makes adorable ‘handsome’ faces

Ziu – able to completely serenade Sera.


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