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The King releases “Look Back” music video (Music Video Review)

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The King is a 5 member group that debuted this past year and have just released their first official music video!  Prior to their debut, they releases a couple of singles, but “Look Back” is their very first since their debut.

The group consists of 5 members; Choi Rang, Se Jin, Dong Hyuk, Seung Jae, and Bawool.  They’re currently signed under the Gaon Entertainment label.


“Look Back” was a pleasant surprise when I stumbled upon it.  It starts out with a catchy beat that will get your head bobbing before jumping into a strong rap.  The rap style isn’t like some of the other groups where it’s ‘in your face’ or super aggressive, but it is quite clear and consistent.  The vocals all seem to have their own sound, which was nice, especially when they sang overlapping each other.  It sounded great when they came together to sing in harmony.

The vocals mixed with the beat of the song gave it a very consistent feel. They did wonderfully hitting the notes and the low notes throughout the song.


The video for “Look Back” is one that you really want to pay attention to.  With the cheerful sounding song, you expect the video to fully reflect that.  While it does, to some extent, there’s a far more serious underlying tone.  The video starts off showing the guys moving in reverse, which indicates that what you see next happened in the past.

The guys are next seen playing around and just being buddies.  They play football, they drink together, and just joke about.  In the midst of all of these scenes, individual shots are thrown in with them looking far more forlorn.  AS the video progresses, it moves through time where the guys end up breaking down.  There’s fighting of some sort, destroying of objects and vandalism, then scenes with them crying.  All in all, very angsty.  Despite the shock of the angst, it’s very well done and leaves a lot of the story to the imagination.

The filming and costuming was well done for the video.  The angles were perfect for capturing the group as well as the background shipyard.  Not only that, but the variance in time of day actually worked well with the ‘back in time’ theme.  The costumes went well with the casual feel of just boys hanging out.  The instances where you see them interacting look like something that they’d wear.

The choreography wasn’t as impressive as the song itself, but the group did well with what they had!


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