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The Lipstick Prince 2 is a battle of muscular thighs between Johnny and Shownu

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The Lipstick Prince is a beauty show featured on the OnStyle channel that first aired back in December, 2016.  It highlights idols learning about makeup techniques and different styles before forcing them to test their skills on celebrity guests and mannequins.  One of the goals of the show is to break the stereotype that only women can talk about or wear makeup.  It’s perfect to feature male idols on the show since they utilize makeup for their photos, shows, and various other performances.

The second season has just started and features quite a few big names!  Included in this season are Super Junior’s Heechul as MC, H.O.T’s Tony An, Block B’s P.O, BTOB’s Seo Eunkwang, Monsta X’s Shownu, SF9’s Rowoon, VIXX’s N, and NCT’s Johnny.

The first episode of season 2 aired on March 30, 2017.  Unfortunately, VIXX’s N was unable to attend the first recording, but they did have a life-size cardboard figure of him to make due until the next time!

NCT Johnny went up against BTOB’s Eunkwang, Super Junior’s Heechul, and H.O.T’s Tony An in the thigh wrestling challenge and beat them easily.  Then it was down to Shownu.

Any Monsta X fan can predict what happens next…

The two fought valiantly, but there was no winner!  Their thighs were equally matched.  And that is a phrase I never thought I’d say.

This episode ended with BTOB’s Eunkwang earning the prince badge after successfully doing the actress, Lee Se Young’s nails while conversing.

Check out the highlights below.


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