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BTS The Most Beautiful Moments in Life, Part 1 Album Overview – One Stop K-Pop

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On April 29, 2015, the first part of BTS two-part series was released with 9 tracks.  The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 1 ranked 6th for the year of 2015 album of the year and was pretty close on a few of the other top charts.  

 The album opens up with the song featured in the animated comeback trailer.  Suga raps about the expectations and anxiety that plagues young people when the think about their future.  

“I Need U” showcases the groups rappers and singers on equal group.  This haunting song has the catchy line “I need you girl” which sticks with you even after the song ends.  The music video for this track is emotional and probably one of the deepest songs on the track list for this album.  The piano and snaps opening for “Hold Me Tight” flow well following “I Need U”.  With the emotional impact in the previous song, a slightly more upbeat song like this with a more positive feel is definitely needed!  One of the strangest things I found on the album was “Skit: Expectation”.  I went into the track expecting a song and found something totally different; the boys just talking.

 Woah, baby, “Dope” is probably one of the most most entertaining tracks on this album.  There have been so many remakes of this dance posted online, and the one that comes to mind easiest is the remake by the Attack on Titan group.  This fun track has so much energy that it makes it impossible to just listen to passively.  Even if you have no dance skills, you’re bound to be dancing just a little bit.  

Following “Dope” is “Boyz with fun”, a funky piece that starts out with pure vocal chanting and clapping.  This catchy piece is so playful, with fun raps and trumpets in the background.  “Converse High” starts to slow things down with a classic R&B feel.  It carries a quick beat but shifts onto the softer side with soothing vocals.  

“Moving On” carries a distinct 90’s feel.  I couldn’t help but feel like it’d be some sort of track for a TV show in that time period.  The album ends with “Outro: Love is Not Over”, a beautiful showcase of the vocal skills of the group.  Soft vocals serenade you with high notes and are paired with a sweet piano melody to bring the mood down to earth as the album ends.

Track List

01. Intro: The Most Beautiful Moment in Life(화양연화)
02. I Need U
03. Hold Me Tight (잡아줘)
04. Skit: Expectation
05. Dope (쩔어)
06. Boyz with Fun (흥탄소년단)
07. Converse High
08. Moving On (이사)
09. Outro: Love if Not Over

BTS Beautiful Moments Life Part 1


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