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The Rose Drops Music Video Teaser For Upcoming Release Of “Dawn”

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Update October 2, 2018:

The Rose released the teaser videos for Woosung and the music video teaser!  Check them out below.

Update September 30, 2018:

The Rose release Ha Joon’s music video teaser for their upcoming return with Dawn.  Check it out below.

Update September 29, 2018:

The Rose dropped Do Joon and Jae Hyeong’s video teasers for the group’s upcoming return! Check them out below.

Update September 21, 2018:

The Rose released teaser images for Woosung and Hajoon!  Check out the handsome photos below.

woosunghajoonUpdate September 19, 2018:

Do Joon and Jae Hyeong feature in the first teasers for The Roses’ upcoming return.

Check them out below.

dojoonhyeongOriginal Article:

The Rose is preparing to release their second mini album!

The group will be returning with their second mini album, Dawn on October 4, 2018.  So far, they’ve graced fans with a gorgeous teaser image and their track list.  The upcoming mini album will have 4 new songs and an instrumental version of one of the tracks.  Included on the album is “I Don’t Know You”, “She’s In The Rain”, and “Take Me Down”.

Check out the teasers and track list below.


The Rose Dawn Teasers


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