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The UNIT: Ready for the first mission

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The Unit Teams

The Unit, as you probably know already, is an idol rebooting show on KBS2. The mentors of the show are none other than: Rain, HyunA, Taemin (SHINee), Hwang Chi Yeol, Jo Hyun Ah (Urban Zapaka) and San E.

The 5th and 6th episodes were aired and finally auditions came to an end! Idols that passed had to at least get 1 boot from the judges (1 mentor had to press the button) or got 6 boots from the audience (Superboot).

Male and female idols were shown separately afterwards. First contestants got to meet in a room, starting from the ones that got the least boots and finishing with those with a super boot. The treatment given to each category was different. The entrance had more effects and impact for those with more boots. Not only that, some idols that got no boots were also invited to join after a meeting of the mentors. This way, 126 official participants were known to everyone.

However, this is not what shocked the audience the most. It was the fact that the teams for the first challenge were self chosen! It was not easy, some teams separated to have more chances while others saw no choice but to stick together. The result was 14 teams (7 female and 7 male) named after colors. Check them out in the next!

Red (boys): Kijoong, Feeldog, Rockhyun, Donghyun, Timoteo, Lee Geon, Ji Han Sol, Kanto, and Hojung.

Orange (boys): Taeho , Caper, Z-UK, Chaejin, JunQ , Hyukjin, Ungjae, Lee Jung Ha, and Marco.

Green (boys): Jun (U-KISS), B-Joo, Hojoon, Taro, Heedo, Lex, Jin.O, Seungjin, and Junghee.

Black (boys): Jun (A.C.E), P.K., Rayoon, Chan, Taeeun, Jungsang, Sangil, Lim Jun Hyeok, and Jin.

Blue (boys): Seyong, Jude, Euijin, Gunwoo, OneJunn, Kyeongha, Junghoon, Giseok, and Sebin.

Yellow (boys): Hangyul, Sunghak, Gunmin, Sungjun, Suwoong, Raehwan, Sejun, Seongho, and Jeup.

White (boys): Seyong, Jude, Euijin, Gunwoo, OneJunn, Kyeongha, Junghoon, Giseok, and Sebin.

Red (girls): Euijin, Somyi, Yeoeun, Han Seo In, Eunji, Lee Bo Lim, Chahee, Yoomin, and Yebin.

Orange (girls): Lee Hyun Joo, Kim, Seol Ha Yoon, Mint, Dabin, Hyosun, Bomi, Han Areum, and Lee Ju Hyun.

Green (girls): I, Yoonjo, NC.A, Hyeyeon, Chaewon, Saebyeol, Semmi, Genie, and Viva.

Black (girls): Serri, Nari, Woohee, Yujeong (LABOUM), Park Ji Won, Yang Ji Won, ZN, DanA, and Haena.

Blue (girls): Sandy, JOO, Yuji, Yeseul, Soya, Lena, Kwon Ha Seo, Lucky, and Shin Ji Hoon.

Yellow (girls): Yena, Eunbyeol, Taee, Yujeong (S2), Heejin, Kang Min Hee, Eune, Hanbi, and Sebin.

White (girls): Haein, Lee Suji, Jiwon, Gaeul, Euna Kim, Janey, Chaesol, and Yujeong (Brave Girls).

First Mission: My Turn

The first mission will consist of creating the Music Video for “My Turn”. Some already started to worry as they saw the choreography they had to learn. We have already been able to check the final result on both, the KBS Youtube channel and The Unit V Live Channel:

But aren’t you curious of how their learning and practicing process went? Or how the Red teams ended up being on the center of the music video? We will have to wait for the next episodes to know!

The Unit My Turn


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