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There’s a new boy group in town – A.C.E has debuted with “Cactus”

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After posting various teasers prior to their debut, the new boy group, A.C.E has made their debut with “Cactus”! The group consists of 5 members, featuring Jun as the leader, lead vocalist, and lead dancer, Donghun as the main vocalist, Wow as the main dancer, rapper, and vocalist, Jason as the main dancer, rapper and vocalist, and Chan as Maknae and vocalist.

The group definitely made a statement with this EDM inspired track.  The beat mixed with the intro deep vocals set the stage for the rest of the song!  The vocals have very little synth overlaying them, which is surprising and refreshing because it allows them to truly be heard.  Each member has a unique voice so it’s easy to pick out who’s who as they switch around.  There wasn’t much by way of rapping in this video, but there was a glimpse at what the rappers were capable of.

Not only that, but this group definitely is going to do some amazing dance breaks in future tracks.  The dances in this song and video were energetic and quick.  For such a new group to be on the same page with even the smallest movements is impressive!

Surprisingly, the outfits were my favorite thing about the video.  The different style is unique even for K-Pop.  There’s a heavy emphasis on straps and things dangling down, which looks really cool when they start moving quickly to the beat.

Overall, this is a wonderful debut track, and something a bit new!  The fact that they are going heavier in the EDM style rather than the hip-hop or rap style makes them stand out even more.

Not going to lie, the braces on Donghun are pretty adorable too.  you don’t normally see that!

Check out the video below and leave them some love!

The group also held a debut showcase where they discussed their feelings on their debut and the fact that they’re debuting alongside a lot of other groups making their comebacks! When asked about how they feel about making their debut alongside some of the popular groups that released tracks this month, the group said “We are honored to be standing on the same stage and promoting alongside such great groups. We will focus on upgrading our own talents and charms to make a name for ourselves.”

They are definitely a hard working group too, practicing over 12 hours a day prior to the debut.  When they were filming “the staff praised [them] and said [they] were the first team to film 20 takes without a single mistake.”

ACE Cactus Music Video


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