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Though they may be disbanded, they certainly made ‘HISTORY’

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On April 26, 2013, Loen Entertainment debuted their first male idol group called HISTORY.  The group consisted of 5 members; Kyungil, Dokyun, Sihyoung, Jaeho, and Yijeong.  Quite a few of the members had been featured in various places prior to the group making their debut, with Sihyoung being featured on Ulzzang Generation Season 3, Yojeong appearing on Birth of a Great Star 2, Dokyun being a vocalist for the rock group Buzz, and Kyungil being featured in various music videos such as IU’s “Beautiful Dancer”.

The group made their debut with the track “Dreamer” featuring narration by their very well known labelmate, IU. The same year they made their debut, they were nominated for Best New Artist for the 5th Melon Music Awards.

The group released various extended plays over the course of their run, with many of them peaking near or above the top 10 on Korean charts.  Some of their best known tracks include “Dreamer”, “Queen”, and “Tell Me Love”.

The group released “Queen” as their last major track on April 11, 2016, but after that, they went silent.  Fans worried about the groups status, but on May 12, 2017, it was officially announced that the group had disbanded.  The members remained with Loen Entertainment, but they were focusing on individual activities.

Check out their last major track, “Queen” below!

The track was actually OSKP’s very late introduction to the group, and we were sold the moment it started!

If you really want to see their dancing skills, check out “Might Just Die” below as well!

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