Top Secret drops concept photos and tracklist for ‘Wake Up’


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Top Secret released both teaser images and an album tracklist.  Their 2nd mini album will contain 5 new tracks and 1 instrumental version of their title track “Mind Control”.  The group is going with a school theme for their upcoming release, and the images definitely reflect that.  The tracklist feels like something straight after a school lab while the individual teasers previously had a school theme.


The album is set to drop on June 4, 2017, so stay tuned for more teasers and information!

Check out the teaser images below!

top-secret-ain-mind-control-wake-up top-secret-k-mind-control-wake-up top-secret-yohan-wake-up-mind-control top-secret-wonyoung-wake-up-mind-control top-secret-junghoon-wake-up-mind-control top-secret-wake-up-mind-control-yonghyeon top-secret-kyeongha-mind-control-wake-up