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TOP SECRET takes over our sense in “Mind Control”

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TOP SECRET just released their “Mind Control” music video, and boy is it hyped! The group filmed it in a familiar location, so any ARMY’s out there might recognize it, but the video is totally different.

The video starts off with the boys being ushered off to a very boring class lecture where they somehow discover an almost magical concoction that brings everyone to life.  They then travel around, infecting the entire campus with it as they sing and dance.  When it wears off, the group runs off, since the mob behind them wasn’t overly thrilled with their actions, and make more to control the people once again.  Overall, it’s a really unique concept!

The beat is super catchy and the hook will stick with you for ages afterwards.  The repetitive “Mind Control” seems like such a simple phrase, but combined with the beat and whistling music, it’s so much fun.

Check out their video below!


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