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Kpop XENO-T (Topp Dogg)

Topp Dogg Announces New Name, XENO-T, And Stage Name Changes

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Hunus Entertainment, Topp Dogg’s label released a statement announcing that the 5 member group will continue to promote without A-Tom, or Kim Sanggyun.  Kim Sanggyun is currently promoting in JBJ.

The remaining 5 members, Sangdo, Hojoon, B-Joo, Xero, and Yano will continue to promote under the group’s new name, XENO-T.  Along with the change, members Yano and B-Joo decided to change their stage names.  Yano will be performing under Sangwon and B-Joo will be promoting under the name “B-Jew” or Bjyu”.  B-Joo’s change seems like it’s more of a spelling change rather than a full name change.

The 5 year old group has undergone many changes, with members like Hansol, Kidoh, and more leaving.  The once 13 member group is down to just 5, but are planning on coming back strong.

Check out the company’s statement below.

“Hello. This is Hunus Entertainment, ToppDogg’s agency.

First of all, we would like to thank our fans for their unwavering love and support for ToppDogg, our artist.

Hunus Entertainment is announcing that ToppDogg’s  Sangdo, Hojoon, B-Joo, Xero, and Yano ‘ have become the new group name ‘ XENO-T ‘.

The new group name ‘ XE NO-T ‘ is a compound word with the meanings of ‘ xenogeneic ‘ and ‘ top-class ‘.

We decided to go back and do something better, and we decided to make it up to our fans who had supported us for a long time – based on their opinion, that we would like to return to the new group name of XENO-T.”

Topp Dogg Name Change


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