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Topp Dogg ‘The Beat’ mini album review

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On October, 19, 2015, Topp Dogg released their 4th mini-album, The Beat through Hunus Entertainment.  This album sold over 3,000 copies and peaked at number 22 on the Gaon Album Chart – a national chart ranking the best-selling albums in South Korea.  Unfortunately, around the time of this release, the group lost a few of their original members.

The Beat

Without a doubt, the best part of this album are the music video dramas that leave you sitting there wondering what you just watched.  The Beat opens with “Runaway”, a fun song with fast pace beats, a catchy chorus, and quick raps.  Probably one of the more fun openings I’ve seen, especially when paired with the music video.

 “The Beat” jumps right in your face with a mix of drums, guitars, and xylophones.  I felt like there should’ve been some belly dancing tossed in there at some point, just based on sound along.  The structure of the song and the chorus were fun and upbeat, drawing the listener in.  There was a distinction between sections of the song made by the “day 1, day 2, etc.” formatting where you could really pick out when the singer changed.

“O.A.S.I.S” switches gears and go for more of an ‘old school’ style with horns.  In addition, the next track is a guitar based rap “All Eyez On Me” where the boys were able to really let their attitude shine.

The Beat

I can really see “Emotion” being used as a fast-paced romance song.  It really has the feel of the classic R&B romance with a quicker tempo.  Finally, the mini-album ends with “Sweetheart”, which starts with a solo by Sangdo.  This piece is without a doubt a lovey-dovey, finger-snapping, song that showcases the variety of genres the boys can touch.

Track List:

01. Runaway
02. The Beat
03. O.A.S.I.S 
04. All Eyez On Me
05. Emotion
06. Sweetheart

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