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Kpop XENO-T (Topp Dogg)

Topp Klass 4th anniversary Topp Dogg music video streaming project

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Topp Klass, the fandom of Topp Dogg under Hunus Entertainment, is attempting a music video streaming party for the group’s 4 year anniversary.

Topp Dogg debut in October of 2013, and to celebrate, fans are trying to get their music video views up!


Rainy Day – 1.9 million -> 5 million

TOPDOG – 2.6 million -> 3 million

Follow Me – 3 million -> 3 million GOAL REACHED

Arario – 3.4 million -> 3 million GOAL REACHED 

Open the Door – 1.5 million -> 2 million

The Beat 1.9 million -> 2 million

Cigarette – 400,000 -> 1 million

Annie – 1 million -> 1 million GOAL REACHED

Music videos must be streamed through the Hunus Entertainment channel.


 Check out the other project here.

Thanks for   for sending us the information!

Topp Klass Topp Dogg View Project


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