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TRCNG Drop Two Dance Practice Versions For “Wolf Baby”

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TRCNG are definitely out to spoil fans with multiple versions of their latest comeback track “Wolf Baby“.

They dropped two dance practices for fans to enjoy, a WOLF version and a BABY version. After watching both, it’s hard not to fall in love with the group!

The WOLF version, below, is the more serious dance practice that literally has the camera shaking.  The boys show off their synchronization, their acrobatics, and all around impressive dance skills with ease.

Check out TRCNG’s WOLF version of “Wolf Baby” below!

The BABY version lives up to it’s name, with hearts, aegyo, and just all around lovable actions littered throughout the dance.

Check out TRCNG’s BABY version of “Wolf Baby” below!

TRCNG Wolf Baby Dance Practice


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  1. Alessandra January 21, 2018


  2. hwijin_21 January 21, 2018

    Someone please tell me how to pronounce their group’s name? Cz i still have no idea ✌

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