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Monsta X Trespass Album Overview by One Stop K-Pop

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On May 14, 2015, Monsta X released their first mini-album through Starship Entertainment.  This album features 7 full-length songs, including the album’s namesake – “Trespass”.

The album begins with “Trespass”, which is a really bold piece.  With a rough-and-tumble music video about the boys incarcerated and the heavy beat and harsh raps, it’s hard to imagine this being the groups first song on their first release.  This song is very in your face and really is a statement piece on the album.  I loved how the rap featured some softer vocals behind them, but some of the vocals themselves weren’t as strong as I would expect.  “No Exit” continues the theme of the previous song as far as first ‘badass’ impressions go, but it’s far more toned down.  This has a really catchy “hey-eh oh eh oh” hook in the background throughout the song.  I also think that the use of sirens in the song as part of the background was a really fun touch.

Trespass Monsta X

“One Love” slows things down significantly, with a slow-paced rapping, high notes, and the featuring of Shownu, Minhyuk, and Kihyun as singers.  The next track features a typical piano rap mixture.  It isn’t a track that really stands out compared to the others, but it’s definitely pleasant to listen to.  The next song on the track list, “Steal Your Heart”, brings the beat back up with a more high energy feel, but it dies off a bit when it transitions into “Blue Moon”.  That track features a blues style sound which mixes really well with the raps, but the strange ‘lalala’ in the background seems out of place.  The album ends with “Interstellar”, featuring more of a sassy sound with horns, immediate rapping, and more of a speak singing instead of normal singing.

Track List:

01. Trespass (무단침입)
02. No Exit (출구는 없어)
03. One Love
04. Honestly (솔직히 말할까)  Featuring Dasom of Sistar
05. Steal Your Heart (훔쳐)
06. Blue Moon
07. Interstellar (인터스텔라) Featuring Yella Diamond

Monsta X Trespass Album Overview


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