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TS Entertainment Releases Statement About Bang Yongguk’s Decision To Not Renew His Contract And Subsequent Departure from B.A.P

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B.A.P fans from all around, we have some unfortunate news today.

Bang Youngguk of B.A.P has decided to not renew his contract with TS Entertainment, the home of B.A.P.

TS Entertainment released an official statement on August 23, 2018 regarding his decision.  They stated that “Bang Yongguk, who has been with TS Entertainment since August 12, 2011, has terminated his contract as of August 19, 2018.”  There were long talks and discussions between Yongguk, his members, and the company, and in the end, Yongguk decided to let his contract expire.

The company went on to say that even thought Yongguk has departed, the remaining 5 members plan to continue on with their scheduled activities and asked for fans support.

The departure of Bang Yongguk doesn’t come as a surprise based on the group opening up during their last concert.  During the concert, they said that each of the members’ contracts expired on a different date and hinted towards it being the end of the group with TS Entertainment.

We wish each of the B.A.P members (including the lovable Bang Yongguk) the best of luck and thank them all for their years together making wonderful music.

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