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TST Releases New Teaser Videos For Their Upcoming Return With ‘Paradise’

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Update October 25, 2018:

TST dropped a couple more teaser videos on top of the ones below.  Check them out below.

TST released video teasers for Wooyoung, Yohan, K, and Ain, as well as, a cover image for their upcoming second single album!  Check them out below.

tst-coverUpdate October 23, 2018:

TST released another handsome wave of individual teasers.  Be sure to check them out below.

Update October 21, 2018:

TST released another individual teaser for Yonghyeon!  Check it out below.

Update October 20, 2018:

TST released three new teasers for their upcoming return! Check them out below.


Original Article:

TST announces their upcoming second single album!

The group dropped their first teaser on October 16, 2018 announcing their upcoming return on November 1, 2018. The album will be titled Paradise and will mark their first return since the scandal with former member Kyeongha.

Check out the teaser announcement and first teaser for Ain below!

tst paradise album


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